Cenpy (pronounced sen-pie) is a package that automatically discovers US Census Bureau API endpoints and exposes them to Python in a consistent fashion. It also provides easy-to-use access to certain well-used data products, like the American Community Survey (ACS) and 2010 Decennial Census. To get started, check out one of the case studies shown below.

Cenpy is easiest to install using conda, a commonly-used package manager for scientific python. First, install Anaconda.

Then, cenpy is available on the conda-forge channel. You can install this using the Anaconda Prompt, or from within the Anaconda Navigator program. If you want to install the package from within the Anaconda Prompt, you can use:

conda install -c conda-forge cenpy

Alternatively, you can install cenpy via pip, the python package manager, if you have installed geopandas and rtree:

pip install cenpy